From 25 to 27 November, the European Open Kyokushin Championships were held at the National Sports Centre Papendal in Arnhem.

The Dutch Kyokushin Karate Organization was responsible for the organization on behalf of the EKF. There were more than 400 participants from over 25 countries from around the World, including a teams from Japan, Australia, Costa Rica and the United States for the titles in kata and kumite. 

Board member

The largest sports hall at Papendal was transformed into a true dojo with four tatami’s on which was fought by the best Kyokushin fighters of the world. 

On General meeting of Kyokushin Wolrd Federation was official announced that Sensei Daniel Trifu – AKF President – became Board member of World Federation. We congratulate him and we are so proud of his achievement as Sensei and as our representative in Kyokushin world. 

Here is video:

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