September marks the start of Spring in Australia and so too was the opportunity to make the most of the outdoors at the 2017 Annual Camp. 

The Annual Australian Kyokushin Camp kicked off with the technique and fitness part of the Black Belt grading from Shodan to Godan.

Shihan Antonio Pinero once again graced our Australian shores to conduct both the gradings and the camp and to put us all through our paces. Once the grading started they were all put to the test to make sure we were of high Kyokushin standard. We left tired and yet relieved the first part of the grading process was complete.

Saturday brought another beautiful sunny day and a full complement of all belt levels coming through the door. After a solid warm up we were all pushed to our limits, with fitness and Kihon. The Kyokushin spirit was alive and well with strong heartfelt Kiai’s throughout the training.

Everyone was excited and looking forward to Shihan Pinero leading the way through some complex combinations. After lunch, we all headed outside to take advantage of a glorious Spring day and to use the natural surrounds to give us a harder workout.

Our training area is next to Sydney Botanical Gardens and the Australian Naval Base so we took the opportunity to show the Australian Navy how Kyokushin practitioners can flex their muscle as we lined up opposite some of Australia’s strongest naval fleet and practised some energised Kyokushin basics with loud and hopefully inspiring Kiai. The energy was electric. It was a great sight to see all those Kyokushin Karateka in white Dogi’s against the massive grey battleships.

As we all headed back and completed the first full day of the camp some of us were yet to complete the Kumite section of the grading with Sensei Daniel Trifu pushing through further than others to complete his 50-man kumite for his GoDan grade. Sensei Daniel Trifu has always been a strong fighter and is always prepared to push the limit and he did not disappoint finishing strong alongside his fellow grading students. It was harrowing and torturous and we wouldn’t have had it any other way, The Kyokushin way!

Sunday morning saw a change of venue and Shihan Pinero spent time following up on some of the finer details of the technical points in the basics, correcting and explaining flaws in technique and challenging us to always maintain a very high standard.

Post lunch break we again took advantage of the good weather and headed to the beach for some exhausting yet fun beach training building up to some hot sweating bodies needing a cool off so Shihan Pinero took us into the water for some push-ups and kicks to cool us down and followed up with deep Zenkutsu Dachi’s to take advantage of the drag of the water to give us some resistance training as well as a shock to the system in the still very cool waters of the Sydney coast.

After three informative days of training all of us felt tired and yet exhilarated with renewed knowledge and a refreshed excitement toward our training. Everyone said they felt more confident and had a far better understanding of many aspects and techniques.
Each year there is something new and exciting to either learn or push through.

Bring on 2018!!!

2017 KWF Grading Results
• Daniel Trifu – Godan
• Lynne O’Brien –Nidan
• Alex Heriseanu – Nidan
• Eva Colbran – Nidan
• Graham Green – Shodan
• Marlon Gonlin – Shodan

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