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Sharpe Dojo Grand Opening

Sharpe Dojo Grand Opening

Sharpe Dojo Toowoomba share with us this big moment!

We were so fortunate to have so many higher graded black belts support us. Sensei Daniel Trifu from Trifu Dojo, Sensei Kevin Veivers and Sempai Rob Wall from Gold Coast Dojo, Sempai Lynne Obrien from Trifu Dojo, Sempai Moneita Sharpe and Sempai Duncan Sharpe from Sharpe Dojo

Sensei Daniel Trifu officially hanging our “Osu” scroll. Calligraphy done the traditional way by Junko Azukawa

More pictures you can see on Sharpe Dojo Toowoomba Facebook profile:

Senpai Duncan Sharpe – newest Shodan

Senpai Duncan Sharpe – newest Shodan

Congratulations to our newest Shodan, Senpai Duncan Sharpe from Sharpe Dojo Toowoomba.

Your grading was inspirational. The fact that you are 50 years old made even more special.Osu! Sensei Daniel Trifu – KWF Australia Country Representative. Thank you to Senpai Moneita Sharpe-Dojo for the invitation, support and taking the class. Thank you to Senpai Lynne O’Brien for helping run the grading. Special thanks to Sharpe Dojo students that helped for the sparring segment. Osu!

More pictures and videos from grading test on our Facebook page:

Sharpe Dojo Toowoomba – new classes

Sharpe Dojo Toowoomba – new classes

Introducing Sharpe Dojo Toowoomba new classes:

‘Fit Kick’,

‘Fit Kick – Families’

‘Core & Flex’

‘Fit Kick’ – is a martial arts circuit style class where you will get an amazing workout without having to do any contact partner work.

‘Fit Kick Families’ – those who train together, stay together. A class designed for the whole family. (7 years and above)

‘Core & Flex’ – a class focusing on core strength and flexibility.

Esquires please email: sharpekidskarate@gmail.com or Sensei Moneita Sharpe 0407 756 332  sharpedojo.com.au