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Month: August 2017

Swordsmen Martial Arts

Swordsmen Martial Arts

Swordsmen martial arts is a center for people of all ages and genders. 

The club is also very proud of its competitive titles, they have several state, national and international champions in their club that have achieved amazing results.

Swordsmen is a great place to have fun, get fit, meet new people and learn to defend yourself. All are welcome!


Swordsmen martial arts

The Benefits of Martial Arts

The Benefits of Martial Arts

AKF is all about finding a lifestyle that allows you to be happy and healthy. There are thousands of different forms of exercise that allow you to develop your body, mind, and spirit, but there are few that have done this for thousands of years. Martial arts can be tracked back to the most ancient civilizations and, as a result, they have been developed to a level where they provide growth in all three of those areas: body, mind, and spirit.

While there are now thousands of different martial arts that are being practiced throughout the world, many of them share similar ideas since many stem from the same tree. Our friends at Warrior Punch have put together an amazingly attractive and understandable infographic (you know we love smart art!) that will help you quickly and easily realize many of the benefits of practicing martial arts.